Our Story

Lua Bruckhoff

Creative Director


Lua has a background in Theatre Arts and Psychology with Masters Qualifications in Social Work with over 10 years experience in Applied Theatre and the Mental Health sectors. She combines these fields in her work and supports families, young people and individuals to connect with their inner child in order to dream big and lose the fear of achieving their goals. Lua uses theatre-based approaches to help you understand your conditioned responses on the path to living your best, creative, life. 

Our Story

Theatre Express hasn’t always lived on the Sunshine Coast.

In fact, many years ago (2011) three people decided it was time to utilise theatre and performance art to address serious community concerns such as cultural displacement and belongingness, domestic and family violence, mental health and relationship breakdown. Workshops were held across South East QLD and Theatre Express found a place and purpose in schools, community halls, universities and public spaces. Workshops were facilitated by TE to community members who created and performed pieces that aimed to open up a discussion, brainstorm solutions to common obstacles, and create community cohesion.

Since then, the TE team has dispersed into other avenues and corners of the world, including the UK and Europe, providing workshops to encourage creative expression in communities and acknowledging the power of the arts for self-reflection and social change. 

Back on the Sunshine Coast our vision is clear: To strengthen our community by facilitating an opportunity for your creative expression through theatre and the arts.

We have an inclusive approach and invite you to send us expressions of interest or to come along to one of our workshops held throughout the year

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